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paper thin.

everything i have

i give it to you

to nullify your false

i was always true

and i don't know what it is

but i just can't please you


so i'm giving up again

this time i swear i am


you keep my head in the sand

you keep me wondering

if you mean one damn word that you say

if i keep my eyes on the ground

and if i don't make a sound

then this paper thin love

might not blow away


you play with other girls

but i close my eyes

i guess i'd rather be naive

than be alone tonight

and you treat me so good

i just can't take it


so i'm giving up again

i swear to god i am

i'm giving up again


i know i should discard you

baby you don't know how hard i try to

but then i find your picture

in a shoebox full of lies

it's only then that i realize

that i don't wanna live

unless i can be by your side





there's a gaping hole where

her heart used to be

she fills it up with lies and

chocolate-covered dreams

nothing's as it seems 

she learned that the hard way

she can't get what she wants

so she settles for okay


she's convinced that everything

will be different this time

but anyone can see the ending

why is she so blind


she's using defenses

from the second grade

she pushes him down

and tells him boy get out of my face

this is my playground

no one's sure if she'll ever grow up

and act her age

but she's comfortable when she makes

up a scene on her little stage


time is passing by

in fast forward mode

she's all dressed up in costume

she is still alone

it really drives him crazy

to see her go on this way

he's tried to get through but

there's nothing left to say


she's convinced that everything

will be better this time around

but anyone can see that her

world is upside down


will she ever grow up

and get off of that stage





i confess

that i'd like you undressed

but not in the way

that you're thinking of

i admit

that it frightens me a bit

that i care too much

and it's not reciprocated


i tell myself

it doesn't really matter

we both know that's a lie

all i need

hinges on a broken reed

and i'm tethered to your side


seems as though

everything i think i know 

about you melts away

i don't care

i will meet you anywhere

just point me in the right direction baby


i tell myself

it doesn't really matter

it's easy to pretend

all i desire

hangs from a broken wire

and we're hanging by a thread


i fool myself so much

that i forget

in your mind i'm just a girl

but i can't complain

i've handed you the reins

and i follow close behind



unravel (such a girl).


i am broken beyond belief

it's such a strange relief

to feel this way again

i'm only comfortable

when i'm certain that

 it's gonna hurt

it's a little sick 

it's a little sad

but it feels so good



don't take this crutch away

i'm not ready to face anything


i'm curled up in a little ball

it's time for me to unravel

dry my eyes and quit being

such a girl

if i had just one wish

i would wish i could just grow up

take it like a man

and quit being

such a girl


i've got my defenses up

got my bullet-proof vest

around me tight

i can't explain why feeling down

just feels so right

can i be held responsible

when i can't hold myself

together most days

you trick me and you coerce me

into thinking

that i want it this way


i'm such a girl



coffee grounds.


when i was younger

you were the only one

i could show my true colors to

it didn't matter

somehow who you were

i think i just needed anyone


god only knows

why you stuck around

if tables were turned

i'd have been outta there

as fast as i could now baby


do you see things

the same way i do

or are you cutting me slack

that i don't deserve

do you wonder

why i threw you away

like yesterday's coffee grounds


now that i'm older

i see 20/20

all of the shit that i put you through

do you believe me

when i say i'm sorry

i never meant to bring you down


god only knows

why you stick around

if tables got turned

i'd be outta there

as fast as i can my baby


i threw you away



the end.


when i wake up you're not here

to tell me good morning

we both know what that means

looks like i fucked up again

as you walk through the hallway

i know i am nowhere near

the back of your mind


baby won't you try for me

just a little

so i don't look like such a damn fool

for defending your honor again

there's no need to pretend

i know it's the end


i know that you fear commitment

but it's not like i wanna

get married tonight

i don't need no ring on my finger

to make this feeling linger

'til i go out of my mind


i'm not trying to own you

not trying to control you

darling just give an inch

looks like i messed up again

i'm quite a reasonable gal

even i have my limits

before it all goes to hell


i'm tired of playing the fool

by defending your honor again





i'm sorry that i disappointed you

when you thought i was 

someone else

but i cannot apologize

for not being the girl you needed

i suppose that you will never

speak to me

the way you did that night

when you thought that i was

someone different

a little bit better


i can't be what you want me to be

i thought i could

i guess that i was wrong


i can't believe how long it's been

since we have seen

each other's faces

maybe this is for the best

now that we have nothing to prove

i suppose

that i should just move on

and pick up the pieces

i see that you're doing fine

tell me then why can't i


you burn me out


i was wrong





you pick me up in 

your convertible

we drove down to the shore

little did i know

i'd be getting less

when i was expecting more

it's okay if you don't know

what you want

and can't make up your mind

all i need is some assurance baby

so i know i'm not wasting my time


over and over

i give you my love

and all i get in return

is this lousy t-shirt

that i never wanted

and a wicked case of heartburn

i always tell you

how i'm feeling

all i want you to say

is that you think of me

when i'm not around

but it looks like all i'm getting

is some bad heartburn today


you took me

to your parents' house

so that we could meet

up until you left me alone

on the couch with them

i thought that it was sweet

if your life is just too busy

to spend some time with me

i'd appreciate advanced notice

of your family's third degree


come on

you've got to give me

some small sign

come on

don't even know if you're mine

come on

i'm stepping out of your line

for the last time





every evening

melts into the next

the only thing

keeping me going

is the prospect of sex

it's really bringing me down

cuz you're not ever around


i get in my car

and i drive to the store

walk down the same aisle

as the day before

for a change

i try a different brand of wine

it seems that all i have

these days is time



can anyone tell me

why i'm even here

to sleep away

more than a third of the year

i'd like to crawl

into some hole

and just disappear


i walk to my bedroom

and pick up the phone

i give you a call

but of course

you're not even home

it's really pissing me off

you never ever do what i want


so i go to the kitchen

and open the door

make a concoction

and drink til i'm 

out on the floor

yeah i know it's sad

that this is the most

excitement i ever have



next season.


when misfortune

has worn out its welcome

and i'm turning to 

my crystal ball

and i look for my future

all that i see

is a crack 'round reality


it's a pity to wish 

on that bright star

send yourself sailing

the river of hope

but it keeps you going

and you have no way of knowing

that your words

ain't gonna do no good



but i'll wait

as long as it takes

for my lover to come through

if i must pine

'til next season

that's what i'll do


it's such a shame

to bask in the moonlight

paints everything

a deceptive hue

and tomorrow when you wake

it will be all the same

as it was before


that's what i'll do





tears evaporated

yet easily replaced

measuring my days here

by the whiskers on your face

capture every moment

in notes and photographs

tangible reminders

that is now will soon be past


well there must be some word

to make you want to stay

but you leave me speechless

with nothing left to say


every conversation

still upon your lips

a much-envied position

that i could be your fingertips

and bring you endless pleasure

hold your cigarette

to show you that i love you

to make sure you don't forget


well you leave me breathless

almost every single day

and you leave me silent

with nothing left to say


on and on

we find creative ways to hide

on and on

we're only comfortable

when our hands are tied

on and on

we use discourse to run away

what good are words anyway


so i'll wrap myself around you

whenever you get cold

and warm you like a lover

until we both grow old


and when death seems to be

just one day away

you'll still leave me speechless

with nothing left to say


nothing left to say











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