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I remember where I was when I wrote each of these songs the same way that people remember where they were when Neil walked the moon or Lennon was shot.


I wrote "Paper Thin" and "Prospect" while sitting on the kitchen floor with my acoustic and a sense of hopelessness. "Coffee Grounds" and "Pieces" were composed in a dark basement at 4 a.m. The lyrics to "Speechless" were largely penned in my head while working in the yard.


These are the things in life that I remember best; the circumstances of the birth of songs. They're all special to me in their own unique ways, my little offspring vignettes. 


Initially, I recorded these songs in 2003 in my parents’ basement and distributed them via red CD-R copies with ink-jet printer cover art. The album was never professionally mixed or even mastered at all, and there were certain extraneous additions to the songs (such as the faint sound of my dad mowing the lawn and a whole lot of microphone hiss). 


Finally, some fifteen years later, goodthing.badthing.everything. has been mixed, mastered and packaged like the "real" album I always wanted it to be. 






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